Fujian Betrothal Gift Package (F1)


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Dragon Phoenix Candle – 2 pairs

Auspicious Red Drape – 1 Pair of 9.9 Ft Suitable For Std 1m Door Width

Canned Pork Trotter (397g) – 8 cans of Narcissus

Betrothal Red Money Packet – Red Envelopes for Parenting, Red Satin, Round Wax, Double Happiness

Wine Bottle Bag – * No wine included

Double Happiness Stickers – 2 pieces

Red Paper Candy
Rice fragrant, bean sugar, fudge,
fragrant cake, tribute, bean paste
(2 boxes @ 6 bags/box)

Mee Sua – 4 packs

4 Pantou – orange, orange cake,
winter melon, rock sugar
500 grams per pack (8 packs)

Traditional Wedding Cake
(2 boxes @ 9pcs/box)

Mandarin Orange – 12 Pcs

Rental Of Betrothal Basket – Require collect SGD 200 for 2 Basket Deposit- By Cash ONLY on collection Day or On Delivery Day .This is To Make Sure That Customer Return the Wedding Basket Back to Gin Thye. *

* All packaging will be align with the Chinese traditional & with happiness sticker on them