Nut Fusion Duo Snowskin Mooncake 双重感觉冰皮月饼 – 澳洲坚果与白巧克力核心(日本柚子2粒 + 薄荷开心果2粒)

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Harmonious Blend between nuts and zing! A Fusion Symphony of Zing and Nuts. Experience the best of both world with this duo pair of Macadamia Yuzu and Pistachio Mint mooncake with a bonbon center.

4X 180g snowskin mooncakes in our Moonlight Gift Box. Each box contains 2 pieces of Macadamia Yuzu and 2 pieces of Pistachio Mint.

This product will be delivered/sold frozen. Please thaw at room temperature for 10-15 mins before consumption.

Storage Instruction:
Keep in chiller to keep fresh for 4-5 days after thawing. Store up to 3 weeks in freezer.

Expiry date is on each individual mooncake packaging.

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