Yammilicious Teochew Flaky Mooncake 千层芋泥月饼

$11.50$54.00 GST Included

Delivery starts after 20th August!

Indulge in Teochew Mooncakes’ flaky delight. Experience the perfect fusion of creamy yam, salted egg yolk, and crispy layers. Simply irresistible!

Flaky Teochew mooncakes in each box. Comes in our Moonlight Lantern Gift Box with tealight.


Ingredients: Flour, (Ginkgo Nuts), Yam Paste, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Water,(Salted Egg Yolks).

No preservatives. Best if consumed within 7 days from received.
Storage instruction: For longer shelf-life store in CHILLER to maintain freshness up to 2 week,.

Taste better warm & crispy! -> Put into oven/air fryer for ~8 minutes after taking out from chiller.

Expiry date is on each individual mooncake packaging.