DBS Mid-Autumn Special : Lava Treasures & Tau Sa Piah Bundle

$82.00 GST Included

SPECIALLY FOR DBS MEMBERS. Bundle Deal every box of Lava Treasures with 12pc Tau Sa Piah gift box (6 sweet + 6 savory) for only $62. Save 22%!

Delivery starts after 20th August!


Rich and creamy flavour in every bite! Pure decadence awaits! Unveiling our new mooncake treasures, where salted egg yolk, matcha, sesame and chocolate meet luscious gooey centers.

Baked mooncakes with lava center. Comes in our exquisite Moonlight Lantern Gift Box and tea light.

Net Weight: 160G X 4 Lava mooncakes + 12pc 30g Tau Sa Piah pastries.

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Traditional White Lotus, Water, Vegetable Oil, Salted Egg Yolk/Chocolate/Black Sesame/Green Tea

* Storage condition: Store in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. Once opened, keep in air-tight container.

** Best serve warm; microwave for about 10sec before consumption.

Expiry date is on each individual mooncake packaging.